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It has been said that artists are the true visual historians of the worlds cultures. Although I was unconscious about this role when I began my artistic experience, today I gladly offer this gift to the Tribal Circle. As children we are encouraged to discover and master the special gifts planted inside us by the creator and through our ancestors. These gifts are intentional and important to offer, as adults, in the Tribal Circle. Each clan has a place of expertise, each individual has a unique and specialized gift appropriate for the generational need of the people.

Nosapocket I come from the Bear Clan, known as a medicine clan to most tribes. In the Mashpee Tribe it has been one of mystery and spiritual pursuits. When the elders speak about members of my clan, they tell strange stories of direct communication with living spirits of plants, animals, elements, water beings, winged-ones and, of course, human spirits. Information gathered from these spirits revealed correct uses of herbs, mineral substances, elemental combinations, and a wealth of medicine ways for the people to maintain health.

Through marriage, my mother's mother brought us the Deer Clan. The Deer Clan holds the tribal records, combining historical essence with clairvoyance to see our progression on the great path. My Great-grandmother of the Deer Clan taught me how to see the sacred spiral of generations and to be aware of our evolutional contributions.

My mother married a member of the Turtle Clan. My father's clan is a highly respected social/political clan. Turtle Clan members are nurtured in the arts of diplomacy and have been sachems who traveled to Europe during English Colonization. Many stories of these ambassador's expeditions are written and held within the wampum belts. Today my father travels all over world speaking with other nations cultivating the worlds peace tree.

During my childhood it was traditional to be sent to live for a time with the elders of each clan we are related to. These elders eagerly looked within us to see if we carried their seeds and, if so, began to water us with teachings. As an artist it is a complete thanksgiving to inherit the ancient teachings that have evolved through thousands of years and to be able to offer sacred understandings through my work.



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